Remax Commercial Partners, Poconos Real Estate Agents

Remax Commercial Partners, Poconos Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Your Agent

Choosing the perfect real estate agent  is probably the most important decision that you can make when involving yourself in a commercial real estate negotiation or venture. As a potential buyer, or tenant, of a commercial property, it is crucial that you utilize the many services that are provided by a professional real estate agency. Otherwise, your commercial real estate experience could be quite time-consuming, risky, or expensive.

When dealing with any huge business undertaking it is important to rely on the professionals for advice and direction. If you do not do this then your decision-making could put your entire commercial business venture at risk. There are many Poconos Commercial Real Estate Sales Agencies and it is important to choose the right one for you. The following will provide a few excellent suggestions to help you choose the perfect Poconos Commercial Real Estate Sales Agency.

Business History

There are times when a residential real estate agency will venture into the commercial field so as to reap the big-money that the commercial field offers. Unfortunately, residential real estate agencies do not understand that commercial real estate is more than simply purchasing and selling property. Commercial real estate professionals need unique knowledge to understand many of the complicated documents that are involved with each transaction.

A commercial real estate agency that does not understand things such as a service coverage ratio or net operating income are companies that you do not want to deal with. You will want to deal only with a company that handles everything with professionalism and efficiency. The qualified staff at a reputable commercial real estate agency will have an abundance of commercial real estate knowledge so that every transaction is conducted smoothly from start to finish.


It is important to stress the fact that a successful commercial real estate agency will have the right information for making excellent and profitable property investment decisions. There is an old saying that emphasizes that knowledge is power. The best commercial real estate agencies will have the most current analytical market information tools. Ask the company for a list of their resources and tools before making a decision to choose them or not.


Do not be afraid to ask the agency about their broker’s or your agent’s education, certification, and credentials in regards to previous commercial property sales. An agency may have years of experience but how are they doing with their adaption to new selling and buying methods. They need to be up-to-date when it comes to new investor trends, new technologies affecting the industry, and so forth. One agent that stays a breast on everything in the Real Estate Industry is Mr. Paul Gibson of Remax Commercial Partners located in Stroudsburg PA.

Due Diligence

Remember exactly what you did before choosing potential commercial properties? Prior to selecting a potential commercial real estate sales agency, do the same. Do extensive research and make a list of specific needs. Also, make a list of what you want and expect from the agency you choose. Research information about the company by reading their promotional brochures, literature, and website testimonials. Cross reference any of the information that you discover with other potential candidates. Choosing the right commercial real estate sales agency could save you valuable time and increase your bottom line profits. Should you need additional services during the process of purchasing your property you can find all Real Estate Related Services on My-Poconos.Com.


    November 8, 2019

    Paul Gibson is a professional who works hard for his clients whether they are selling their property or looking to buy something. He has patience and understands that his clients want exactly what they want. He is tireless in helping them find the perfect property for their needs.

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