Poconos Microbreweries, Brewpubs, Craft Beers, Poconos Brewery

Poconos Microbreweries, Brewpubs, Craft Beers, Poconos Brewery


Poconos Breweries

Local liquor stores and distributors in the Poconos will surely have an option or two for you to choose from, but why not go straight to the brewery? One of the more unique aspects of the niche industry is that you can see it being produced from the hop to the glass. All while you’re enjoying a juicy burger or steak.

Microbreweries and Brewpubs

Microbreweries were catalyzed by home breweries that helped turn a hobby into a tangible industry. Pocono microbreweries produce limited amounts of beer to the public in various methods. They are small operations focused on filling a specific segment of the population who demands its services. Brewpubs are similar in scope but brew their beer for sale in their restaurant or bar. Check in with your local craft brewers to schedule an intimate tour of their facilities. Most owners of Poconos Breweries are usually willing to show off their stuff and give you a taste test in the process. Grassroots community involvement is how small businesses of any kind – especially craft brewers – keep their doors open.


Music, entertainment and beer have gone hand in hand for years. Now craft brewers have found a customer demand for special festivals celebrating the industry’s unique products. Annual events are sprouting across the country and feature big-name artists, bands and performers. There you can find your local brewers on site. They sell their latest and greatest brews for all to enjoy.


Many wineries across the country are expanding from grapes to hops in an attempt to offer more variety to their customers. There are two very different production processes are involved. However, wineries with the proper infrastructure can easily produce barrels of beer to diversify their services. Their scenic environments and laid-back atmospheres serve as the perfect place to enjoy a full-flavored craft beer. You’ve never tried craft beer? Don’t worry, your secret is safe. Just be sure to be prepared for a mountain of options when trying to select your first venture into the craft beer world.

There are many breweries scattered throughout the Poconos and surrounding areas. You can find a list of them on the My-Poconos.com website along with everything you are looking for. This is the number 1 website for Pocono locals and visitors alike.

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