Poconos Certified Public Accountants- Nancy Chapman McNamee

Poconos Certified Public Accountants- Nancy Chapman McNamee

Nancy Chapman McNamee-Certified-Public-Accountant

Do you need a reputable Poconos Certified Public Accountant for your personal taxes or business matters? For individuals, a certified public accountant can assist you with the filing of your taxes while at the same time providing you with answers to any of your financial questions. CPA’s, certified public accountants, are well-known for working with small and large business owners as well.

There are times when individuals and small business owners may reject the services of a CPA to do their taxes because they feel that the cost is too high in comparison to some of the online tax preparation services. While it is true that these online tax preparation services are sometimes adequate for a simple tax preparation, it should be known, however, that a professional CPA is someone who can often save you a lot more money due to their knowledge, strategies, and expertise. In the Poconos one very experienced CPA is Nancy Chapman McNamee located in Stroudsburg PA.

There are a few things, nevertheless, that you should consider before hiring any professional CPA accounting service. Some of the things to consider before hiring any of the Poconos Certified Public Accountants are experience, comfort, accounting company size, cost, and whether you actually are hiring a CPA.


CPA’s are experienced in different financial areas and it is important to hire a CPA that has the experience that you require. For example, you would not want to hire a CPA that specializes in small businesses if you require someone to help you with your tax preparation and filing. Also, there is a huge difference between how a CPA treats a small business account as opposed to an individual account.

At this point, you may wonder how to know what type of qualifications a particular CPA may have and whether their experience is suitable for your needs. The best way to determine this is simply by asking them. Ask them to explain what professional experience and qualifications they have and how it will pertain to your particular situation. You can also ask your neighbors, workmates, friends, and family if they have a name of someone who they recommend.


You will be spending a lot of time communicating with your CPA and therefore it is preferable to choose a CPA that you feel comfortable with. This does not mean that you need to become best friends but rather you need to work with someone who you feel comfortable with when requesting help or asking questions. If you are having difficulty achieving a good working relationship with any particular CPA then it may be time to move on to someone else.


A CPA is someone who has a lot of experience with numbers. They may provide you with a specific fee or hourly rate for their services. Before making a hiring decision, it would be advisable to compare the cost of several CPA professionals. An individual CPA may be less expensive than hiring a CPA from a large accounting firm. Remember to do at least 3 different interviews before choosing a certified public accountant.

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