Poconos Breweries, Microbrewery, Craft Beers, Barley Creek

Poconos Breweries, Microbrewery, Craft Beers, Barley Creek

About Barley Creek

The microbrewery and craft beer industry is brewing to extreme heights of popularity and is harder than ever to contain it’s growth. There are several  Pocono Breweries located throughout our area. The Barley Creek Brewery is an exceptional microbrewery which makes it’s own craft beers and serves great food as well.

Craft connoisseurs use many conditions to identify their favorite brews – specialty, boutique, artisan, gourmet, and microbrew to name a few. But whatever you call it, craft beer’s definition is centered on how it is prepared. In the Poconos we have several small, independent breweries which can be found to meet the demand of a thirsty focused audience. According to the Brewers Association, more than 400 breweries opened back in 2012. That type of quantity is expected to continue to rise in the foreseeable future as craft beer enthusiasts gather at local liquor stores, carnivals and wineries to find their favorite varieties.

Whats In It

Barley Creek in Tannersville PA is one of the Pocono specialty craft beer makers who takes extreme pride in their capabilities to mix a variety of simple ingredients into complex concoctions. They use a wide variety of ingredients to attain their desired color, aroma, bitterness and final finish. Traditional ale ingredients such as candida, yeast, water, malt and hops are being infused with new, diverse add-on’s to change the norm of beer drinking as we know it. This unique approach to gourmet brewing is what helps the specialty beer industry carve out new niches of purchasers and appreciators.

Just Relax and Go Easy

Craft beers are not intended to be guzzled. Most times packing a higher alcohol level than its lighter-fared competitors, Barley Creek’s craft beer varieties are the perfect complement for a relaxing, easy going evening of enjoying a good sporting event or just simply hanging out with friends. From dark and strong to pale and citric- based, there is a Barley Creek gourmet craft beer for everyone’s taste buds.


What the artisan beer industry is missing is million-dollar advertising budget or famous sports personality as a spokesperson, it makes up for in the underdog, us-against-the-world mentalities. Craft beer makers will provide you with endless reasons why their craft beer is better than the mass-produced variety churned out by the giants in the industry. Their product packaging is very unique, with bright colors and designs, complete detailed ingredient lists and instructions on how to best enjoy their unique brews. Infusing a some personality within their product is a major factor in any craft beer makers’ desire to please their patrons.

Barley Creek in Tannersville PA has a wide range of craft beers made right on premises. They are one of the favorite breweries in the Poconos and put out a superior product. They have many to choose from but regardless of your personal preference in my own personal opinion all of Barley Creeks beers are good. “Oh and the same came be said about the products Barley Creek is creating in there distillery as well”.

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