Our Clients

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Ideas and information flow regularly & openly, based on trust and a mutual respect for one another’s expertise in their field. Our clients agree & embrace this way of thinking.

We love our clients!

The greatest and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented. A long-term relationship with My-Poconos.com earns your business greater exposure as the platform grows.

Our client list increases every day. Since our inception in July 2018, we’ve added Poconos cornerstone businesses as well as brand new establishments to our directory with dedication and exceptional service at the core of every engagement.

Every day, we’ve been devoting our hearts and service to our clients – achieving great successes and building lasting relationships.

Serving all of our clients is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take lightly. Like you, we are hard working entrepreneurs who are committed to building businesses and creating real impact in the Poconos community. We applaud our clients’ commitment and we recognize the trust placed in us in helping them grow their brand.

Our Client Philosophy

We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity, which is the reason why we believe that our clients will recognize the services we provide to them to be invaluable.

Our Principles:

  • Always serve with honesty, integrity, and transparency.
  • Always recognize our clients’ business needs and objectives.
  • Always think innovatively & deliver effectively!
  • Always maintain client confidentiality at all levels.
  • Always be accessible & responsive.
  • Always aim to bring better cost and operational efficiencies to our clients.
  • Always meet deadlines.