Pocono & Surrounding Area Businesses Can Sign Up For Our Digital Advertising & Online Marketing Program. Advertise On The My-Poconos.Com Website For Your Establishment to Help Increase Visibility, Exposure & Sales For Your Business!

Digital Ad Creation for your establishment. We create the Ad for you based on the information you give us. Once created we send it to you for approval. Once approved we will post your ad on Five of the relevant pages on our website and send out an email blast to all of our site members which includes your Ad and some attention grabbing text in our email suggesting that they check out your business. We then Post your newly created ad on Our Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram Social Pages. We will also post it to any Facebook Groups which we may be a member of at the time of your coupon creation.

There is a one time fee of $199.00 for our 1 year ad program. Each program consists of one (1) ad which will appear on a total of (5) sub category pages on the website.

Each Ad that we create for your business will be posted on 5 relevant pages of our website for Our One Year advertising program. (We will discuss the exact placement of pages with you prior to posting the ad on any particular page). At the end of the time period you can renew at the same original cost providing that you renew before your time period expires.

If you compare our costs with running an Ad in Google Ad Words you will see that we are a much more cost effective option. On Google you pay per click per search term. These clicks can range from 70 cents to $2.00, $3.00 and $4.00 dollars easily. It adds up to allot of money per month. If you are a Poconos Business, by putting an ad in our Local Poconos Business Directory you will not only save money but reach a local targeted audience. An audience who is has a much better chance of actually visiting your establishment because they live and work in the community. With us you pay a one time very reasonable fee and get exposure for your business in a much more beneficial arena. A one time fee whether your ad gets clicked on 10 times or 1000 times.


Reasons For Businesses To Advertise On Our Site

At the present time the site is fairly new but gaining exposure and awareness as we speak every single day. In time, our site will be the go-to place for all the locals and visitors to find everything they could possibly be looking for in the Poconos and surrounding areas. Your business or company listing with us will be a homerun.

More than likely your direct competitors are doing some type of digital advertising online somewhere as part of their overall marketing campaign. If your not doing this,maybe it’s time that you did as well. There are several other reasons to advertise with us on the website:

  • To Gain Online Visibility for Your Business or Company
  • To Increase Overall Sales and Your Customer Base
  • To Increase Exposure of your Brand
  • To Try To Get Former Customers to Return
  • To Bring Customers Into Your Establishment to Try and Up-sell a Bigger Ticket Item
  • It’s An Inexpensive Way To Market Your Business


Popular Ad Distribution Methods

The most popular ways of getting your companies ads seen by the eyes of your targeted consumers are as follows:

  • On Websites & The Internet
  • In Print Newspapers & Magazines
  • Post Cards Sent By Direct Mail
  • Flyers & Handouts

Digital Internet Marketing Is by Far the most Cost Effective & Most Rewarding way to get the word out about your business in today’s world!

Ad’s That Entice The Customer

Saving money is great, but in many cases it’s not enough incentive. The Ad should be designed to entice the consumer to actually have a desire to check out your business. If you are mailing out a post card which is being mass mailed via bulk delivery, it must shine among any advertisements that may be in the mail that day as well. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when creating an ad for your establishment.

  • Clear, Concise Text Detailing Your Business
  • Business Slogan If You Have One
  • Image(s)
  • Company Name, Address, & Phone​


Some of the Categories we create Ad’s for:

Things To Do Ad’s

Restaurant Ad’s

Shopping Ad’s

Service Business Ad’s

Lodging Ad’s


Details On Ad Creation Service

Step # 1. You order and pay for our ad creation service below.

Step # 2. Upon completion of ordering our Business Ad Service you will receive a receipt for payment, we will then contact you by phone to discuss the details of your ad. Once we have an understanding of what you would like we will begin the design process.

Step # 3. We receive your ad request and begin working on your ad ASAP. This could be the very same day or up to a 2 day period depending on how many ads were ordered ahead of yours and how many ad designers are available at the time in which we receive your completed ad request from. All in all, in worst case scenario your ad should be completed in no longer than 5 business days.

Once your ad is completed we will email you the ad for approval. You will be entitled to one ad change or correction. If there is something you would like to change in the ad you must do this as soon as you have reviewed it and send us an email at explaining what you would like changed. Once we receive your change request email we will acknowledge receipt of your change request back to you by email and begin the change order process asap. This should take no longer than 1 to 2 days to complete.

Once the changes are made to your ad, we will email the finished product to you and you will acknowledge receipt of the completed ad via email back to us before we can move on to the next steps.

Step # 4. We are now ready to post your ad to our website. We will find relevant pages on our website to post your ad. EXAMPLE: Let’s say you own a restaurant. We would post your ad on one of the restaurant listings pages of our website so that anyone who searches for restaurants would see your ad on that page which stands out among the simple restaurant listings. (We will discuss placement with you prior to actually placing the ad we create for you)

All ads are placed on sub category pages of other business listings throughout the website. All ads are the exact same size which is 870 x 502 pixels. All ads are placed under the information block on any business listing page that it is being placed on. This is where your ad will show up on desktop computers and laptops.

On mobile, your add shows up at the bottom of the business listing page that it is on. All ads throughout the site show up in this same exact spot on all mobile devices.

​​Step # 5. We will then send out your newly created ad graphic to all of our followers on social media and also post it to any Facebook Groups that we may be a member of at the time of your ad creation. Eventually the My-Poconos.Com Website will become the go to place for all Local Residents & Visitors to our area to find everything they need and are looking for in the Poconos.

Please call 570 851-4254 or send us an email at for further information regarding our digital ad creations. This digital ad creation and exposure program is offered as a one year service plan which is renewed each year on your one year anniversary date. 

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