Best Things to Do In The Poconos – Top Activities & Attractions

Best Things to Do In The Poconos – Top Activities & Attractions


Best Things To Do In The Poconos

If you want to go on an enjoyable adventure, you should book a trip to the Poconos where you will have access to plenty of exciting attractions. In fact, it helps to know of some of Poconos best things to do before you even book your trip because then you can create your own list of things you would like to do while you are visiting the area. Below are not even a fraction of all the things you can do in the beautiful Poconos.

Go Skiing at the Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountain Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the Poconos and with good reason. Not only does the resort offer safe, spacious, and comfortable lodging for everyone, it also offers visitors the opportunity to have tons of fun in the snow. Whether you would like to go skiing, snowboarding, or even tubing in the snow, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so when hanging out at the resort. Affordable tickets are regularly available for visitors looking to spend hours outdoors in the snow.

Visit Camelback Mountain

Another popular resort in the Poconos is the Camelback Mountain Resort. It is a place that thousands of people visit throughout the year when they want to go skiing, try snowboarding, or even ride around in tubes on the snow with their loved ones. It is considered the best place in the country to learn how to ski properly, which makes it a great place to visit if you are a beginner or if you do not have much experience. Dozens of trails are open on a regular basis.

Stop by Beltzville State Park

While many people think of skiing and snowboarding when they think about the Poconos, there are other things you can do while you are there. For example, you may want to stop by the Beltzville State Park, a clean and spacious park where you can go fishing, hang out in the lake, or even have a picnic with your loved ones. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending a full day out in the sun with your family and friends.

Go For a Hike at Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is a scenic spot that people love to stop by and visit. You can walk on some of the hiking trails while taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, including the falls themselves. Paddle boats are available, and you can even play rounds of miniature golf with your loved ones while you are hanging out at Bushkill Falls.

Some of Poconos best things to do involve skiing, snowboarding, walking through hiking trails while enjoying the beautiful scenery, and even hanging out in the water. If you are going to book a vacation to stay in the Poconos, you should include some of these wonderful attractions on your must-see list because you are not going to feel disappointed with everything you can do and see. In fact, you will end up making some great memories with the people you love the most while traveling with them to such a comfortable and welcoming area in the state of Pennsylvania. For further information and other activities, places to stay, restaurants, service businesses, medical care, vets and pet info, auto related items, etc. etc. please visit

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