Online-Business-Directory-My-PoconosAbout The My Poconos.Com Business Directory


It is very clear that in online marketing the more your business is exposed, the higher the chances of a potential client finding you on the web. In today’s world, every business works very hard to secure the highest potential leads quicker than their competitors. Believe it or not, the best form of advertising for your business is in a top notch local business directory. Listing your establishment in the My-Poconos.Com Business Directory is a great way to gain eposure and get your business noticed. It is also a very affordable and hassle free way to advertise your business and bring in more customers

Get-seen-My-PoconosGain Visibility & Exposure

Is your business mentioned all over the internet? If not, why not? Having your business listed in the My-Poconos.Com business directory also helps your existing website rank in the Google Maps Listings and in the organic search results. It also helps with the SEO of your site. What is critical is having your business listed accurately and consistently in any and all business directories.

With the Business Directory, you can turbocharge your online efforts by targeting customers who live and already have a propensity to do business in the Poconos and surrounding areas.

​Our business is helping your business become more visible online with the various services we offer to all types of local businesses in the Poconos and surrounding areas. Our number one priority is helping those who are searching for your type of establishment find you. We market our site in several ways to give those who list with us the best chance of being seen online on our website.

​The My-Poconos.Com website was conceived, created, built, and developed by a true entrepreneur who has been involved in many businesses and life situations. It was created to sincerely help all businesses in the Poconos and surrounding areas simply get more business. Allot of potential customers go online to search for local businesses in local directories because the directory is geared to the specific area they are interested in. So if you are a Poconos business it makes sense to get your business listed on a site named MY-POCONOS.COM to reach local potential customers and clients who can find you online based on the type of business they are searching for and the location of where they are. Google is a great way to list your business, however, we feel that listing in the My-Poconos.Com Business Directory is a necessary addition to listing your business on Google and more beneficial.

​The purpose of marketing is to reach the largest number of potential customers that your marketing budget can afford increasing your existing customer base and new customers as well, therefore increasing your Return On Investment. Maybe if you live in a very small town this might be OK, but on the other hand to just assume that everyone in your town knows you and all about your establishment would be arrogant and foolish. People move away, plans in their lives change, some move to other states or areas.

​Sadly some people pass away. The old crowd fades out and brings change. Like they say, “Out with the Old and in with the New”. Business information and locations change quite often. The change could range from something as simple as changing to moving to a new location because the rent is cheaper. It’s possible that you have several locations for your business, maybe your trying to re-brand or thinking of doing so in the future, or you want to introduce new products and or services. The bottom line is, that in today’s world your business must have a good presence on the internet and be easily accessible to your loyal customers and any new ones who are searching for you. If not you will an enormous amount of business and brand awareness. It’s just that simple. Your online visibility is critical these days.

​Here’s an example, if a customer is looking for a specific type of food, product, or service the very first thing they do is pull out their mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet and Google it. In most cases, the number one place that pops up is what they are looking for. By some miracle, they will continue to scroll down enough to see what’s underneath the paid ad’s and 3 or 4 top listings. Every business on earth fights to compete to get listed in the top spot or at least the first page of Google. Competing in this manner costs tons of marketing dollars. A better solution is to make sure all of your business information is correct everywhere it shows online.

Benefits-My-PoconosLet’s discuss the major benefits of local listings:

​Advertising and marketing your business locally is the absolute biggest thing you can do to increase brand awareness and development. Obviously, the more people exposed to your business and the more accessible you are online, the more people are likely to buy your products or use your services. If no one can find your website or track you down online, then how can you expect them to know what your business offers specifically. The My-Poconos.Com Business Directory is great for website exposure and also a great way to reach out to a targeted audience and capture their attention.

​The My-Poconos.Com Local Listing Directory allows all types of business located in the Poconos and surrounding areas to promote whatever products and or services they are offering. Our Business Directory caters to the Poconos and only the Poconos. There is no better place to be if you are a Poconos Business Owner. In time our entire community will use the My-Poconos.Com site to find everything they are looking for.

​Getting your business on our local directory and insuring your business information is current and keeping it updated is also great for Search Engine Optimization. (SEO, for short). Be sure to get your business listed on our directory because the better the directory your business is listed in, the bigger and better your brand becomes, and the easier it is for your business to be found by potential customers searching for your products or services.

Local Search-My-Poconos

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Facts About Local Search

The statistics below may catch you by surprise, but at the same time to they educate you in helping understand the major importance of listing your business in a top notch business directory such as My-Poconos.Com.

88% of consumers search for local businesses at least once a week.

50% of consumers who performed a search in a local directory on their smart phone visited a store within a day.

77 million mobile device users are searching for a local business.

70% of consumers have said that they value information that is provided from local directories in search results.

46% of all searches on Google are for Local products and services.

Most business owners are aware of online business directories, but really do not understand the value and huge advantages they bring to their business. The My-Poconos.Com Business Directory is not just a digital version of the old time Yellow Pages, where you have to look through page after page to find what you’re looking for. Our business directory is the perfect tool which enables our users to instantly identify, learn about, and contact businesses 100% relevant to what they are looking for. The My-Poconos.Com Online Business Directory can do wonders for your small business by simply being listed in it.


The Benefits of Listing Your Business With Us!

Some business owners think that an online business directory is nothing more than a large database where their listing will will never stand out. The real truth is, being listed on our site with a Premium Listing has many significant benefits for your business. Here are some below:


​1. Upgrade Your Visibility Online
If you search for your business online, many times you will likely see it show up in business directories that you never submitted it to. This happens because many business directories simply get their business information from other larger directories and create listings.

This means that getting listed in a top directory like My-Poconos.Com could mean getting that your business will be listed in several more, allowing you to kill two, or several, birds with one stone. On the other hand, sometimes your business information is not entered correctly into the secondary directories. It’s really important to correct any listings that you find online to project the correct business information for your business. You should check and update your listings often.

​2. Improve Your Local Visibility
There are several online directories that are huge. Online business directories have suggestion capabilities which allow them to connect you with your target audience. This is critical and very beneficial for a local business because they make your business much more visible to all the neighborhoods in your local area.

​3. Get Discovered More
The My-Poconos.Com online business directory allows the user to search by specific criteria, such as type of service, location of the business, and by category. By our staff entering complete and 100% accurate information in your premium listing, ensures that our directory will connect your business to those individuals who are searching for it, even if they don’t type your exact business name in the search query explicitly. This is highly beneficial because many times, users searching for your business do not know the exact name of your business or the exact service they need.

​4. Strengthen Your Business Reputation
Being listed in a top directory like My-Poconos.Com will help strengthen your business reputation. We take pride in the businesses we list in our directory and display them on our site in the highest professional manner possible. Our premium listings are beautiful one page websites for your business that can include videos and photo galleries along with well designed and written bio’s and business information.Our listings will make your business shine.

​5. Increase Brand Awareness
When someone performs a search in an online business directory, it display’s a list of relevant results so that you can select which one to click on to get more information. Even if a user doesn’t select your business to click on they will still at least see your business in the listings. Every time a person see’s your business name their awareness and familiarity with your brand gets more embedded in their mind, which primes them for further engagement in the future.

​6. Boost Your SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in getting your web pages appear higher up in the rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. The big search engines want to be trusted by those who use it to search the internet. The more information it obtains about your website or web pages, and the more consistent that information is, the higher up in the rankings you will appear. Online business listings are a great way to support and supplement your already existing information to give it that extra validation.

​7. Get Your Business To Show Up on Google
It’s possible to get your business listed on the first page of Google through SEO practices, but it can take months to even start seeing results such as you moved up from the fourth page on Google to the last spot on the third page if your lucky. Our online business directory has professionals tweaking the SEO to get our site to show up near the top of the listings for certain search terms, we also have a high amount of traffic, and are trusted by search engines. Since Google likes these characteristics, its first page of search results regularly contain pages from online directories. If you get listed in our directory, you have a chance of benefiting from our well-established SEO and showing up on the first page of Google.

The My-Poconos.Com Business Directory provides immense benefits to it’s clients, and if you are a business owner in the Poconos, neglecting these benefits can actually do harm to your business. Get on board with us today by signing up for a premium business listing with My-Poconos.Com.