Who are we?

My-Poconos.com is modern business directory website for the Poconos area. We offer everyone a great opportunity to shine light on their business or organization while providing a platform for locals to learn more about their community and offer feedback.

My-Poconos.com is dedicated to the Pocono community in creating very unique ways to help locals connect with the businesses and organizations in their communities. We work ’round the clock to maintain and improve our service offerings. We constantly strive to improve upon what we already have in place and also love to involve our community in our efforts.

About My-Poconos.com

My Poconos.Com website was created to help all Poconos Businesses Market their establishments in a highly professional manner without having to pay a fortune to do so. We offer many services to increase your companies visibility and exposure which helps increase your bottom line. Contact Us To Learn How We Can Help!

My Poconos Mission

To offer exceptional online services at revolutionary prices to establishment owners which help them grow their business, while at the same time helping and leading the way for socially-conscious individuals within our community to gain exposure to all the wonderful things the Poconos has to offer and connect with each other through the My-Poconos.com website.

My Poconos VisionVision

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the need for businesses to increase their customer base & profits. My-Poconos.com is the go to place for locals and visitors alike to find everything they are looking for in the Poconos and surrounding areas. Everything in one place on My-Poconos.Com. Our vision is clear and we shall remain steadfast in creating a great platform for our entire community to use in their daily lives.

My-Poconos.Com is where your business gets connected with existing and new potential customers. We are your canvas to the entire Pocono & local surrounding areas where you can express all your business details and reasons why someone should choose you over your competitor. All presented on a professionally designed Premium Business Listing for those who actually patronize businesses here to see.

We focus solely on providing businesses with the experience and expertise, they need to take advantage of the power of effective online marketing to attract new customers and/or clients, build their companies brand, increase online visibility and exposure, and help develop new money making relationships.

​We are different from other national online marketing agencies because we cater to the Poconos and the surrounding areas in close proximity. We understand that there is simply not a one size fits all approach to helping businesses get more business. We actually listen to and care about our clients needs and goals. The My-Poconos.Com Services can and will help any business in any area reach more locals as well as visitors to our neck of the woods.

​When you use our services we always design, develop, and represent your business and brand as if it were our own. Your success in growing your business is our success as well!

​Our approach and business concept was created by a true entrepreneur who truly understands all the needs that business owners have with realizing that their biggest hurdle is to continuously bring in new business and to reach that new business in their local community be it locals or visitors to our area on the internet. All of our services are geared to help each and every business accomplish this difficult task.

​If your business needs to be presented in a more professional manor and could use more visibility online come and join us here. We live and work here in the Poconos and have frequently visited many of the businesses that you will find on the My-Poconos.Com website. We know first hand how tough it is to run a business here and our job is to help bring in more customers by making your establishment shine online with our professionally designed Premium Business Listing Presentations and many other great services to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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