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My-Poconos.com is modern business directory for the Poconos area, offering its members a great opportunity to shine light on their business or organization while providing a platform for locals to learn more about their community and offer feedback.

My-Poconos.com is dedicated to its community in creating unique ways to help locals connect with the businesses and organizations they know and love. We work ’round the clock to maintain and improve our service offerings, constantly striving to improve the platform – involving our community in all our efforts.

Mission & Vision

Why My-Poconos.com?

Our Mission

We aim to offer exceptional online services at revolutionary prices to business owners which help them grow in the community, while at the same time helping and leading the way for socially-conscious individuals to gain exposure to all the wonderful things the Poconos has to offer and connect with each other through the My-Poconos.com website.

Our Vision

We are determined to make the My-Poconos.com website the go-to place for locals and visitors alike to find everything they are looking for in the Poconos and surrounding areas. Everything in one place on My-Poconos.com. Our vision is clear, and we shall remain steadfast in creating a great platform for visitors and our entire community to use in their daily lives.


How can we Help your business?

My-Poconos.com provides various ways that help your business gain visibility & exposure in the community.

Paid & Promoted Listings

Do you own or manage your own local business? Our Premium Business Listing Plans will get your establishment seen & noticed!

Events & Classified Ads

Local residents, Business owners, & Corporate establishments can list their events and create classified ads in several categories for the world to see.

Additional Business Services

My-Poconos.com offers various services to help Poconos businesses reach a larger audience therefore increasing their exposure & visibility.

About Us

My-Poconos.com - Your One Destination

My-Poconos.com gets your business connected with new and existing customers. We are your gateway to the entire Poconos & local surrounding areas where you can highlight your business details and explain why someone should choose you over a competitor.

We focus solely on providing businesses with the experience and expertise they need to utilize the power of effective online marketing. This helps them to attract new customers, build their company’s brand, increase online visibility and exposure, and help develop new money-making relationships.

​We are different from other national online marketing agencies because we cater exclusively to the Poconos and the surrounding areas. We understand that there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to helping businesses grow. We listen and care about our clients’ needs and goals. My-Poconos.com services will help any business in our area reach more locals and visitors to our community.

​When you use our services, you can rest assured that we will always design, develop, and represent your business and brand as if it were our own. Your success in growing your business is our success as well!

​Our approach and business concept was created because we truly understand the needs that business owners have in continuously attracting new business on the internet. All of our services are geared to help each and every business accomplish this difficult task.

​If your business needs to be presented in a more professional manner and could use more visibility online, come and join us here. We live and work in the Poconos and have frequently visited many of the businesses found in the My-Poconos.com directory.

We know firsthand how tough it can be to run a business here. Our job is to help you bring in more customers by making your establishment shine online with our professionally-designed Premium Business Listings and many other great services to help your business stand out and stake its claim.

Trusted by Locals & Visitors to our area!

What do they have to say about My-Poconos.com?
My-Poconos.com guided us to everything we needed while on vacation there. It's a beautiful place, the weather is great, it's kid friendly, and nice. There are many activities and things to do.
Sabreen S.

Sabreen S.

My-Poconos.com has a front row seat to what is happening in the Pocono business community. Their desire to build and reinforce what makes the Greater Pocono region strong, productive, and relevant is only matched by their determination and level of service. That is why they are part of my inner circle.
Shawn S.

Shawn S.

Local Resident
The best and only website for any Pocono information you would ever need! We used it during our entire stay in the Poconos. We loved having everything in one place that you can access from your phone.
Susan B.

Susan B.

I loved the hotel we stayed at; it accommodated myself and my wife in all respects. We also found some great restaurants and things to do on My-Poconos.com which came in handy for us during our stay.
Tony D.

Tony D.

Airline Executive